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SZLH series sawdust pellet mill

◎SZLH series sawdust pellet mill uses high accurate gearwheel drive, and quick detachable hold hoop type
high driving efficiency & stability, low noise.
◎International advanced compensation type S-S spring coupling
◎Quick detachable hold hoop type ring die
◎Feeding is controlled by frequency inverter.
◎Equipped forced feeding device at the inlet.

Model Inner diameter
of die
Pellets Capacity Main motor power Feeder motor power
SZLH-420 ¢ 420mm ¢6-¢8mm 0.8-1.5t/H 90/110KW 1.5KW
SZLH-508 ¢ 508mm ¢6-¢8mm 1-3t/H 110/132/160KW 2.2KW
SZLH-528 ¢ 528mm ¢6-¢9mm 1-4t/H 110/132/160KW 2.2KW
SZLH-578 ¢ 578mm ¢6-¢10mm 1-5t/H 160/180/200KW 2.2KW
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